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A will contest means that the heirs of an estate do not feel that they are receiving what they are rightfully owed from a will or that the estate is not being properly handled. After a loved one has passed away, the will is submitted to the probate court to determine the validity of the document. An executor will then handle the terms of the will and the deceased’s estate. In many instances, the recipients of the will may question whether or not the signed will was what the deceased would have wanted.

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Should You Contest a Will?

We understand the emotional issues inherent in these proceedings and have a breadth of experience guiding our clients through this complex legal process. Litigation among family members can be costly, both personally and financially, not to mention uncomfortable for clients. We can help you or your loved one make good decisions during a difficult time.

In order to bring a valid probate dispute to the court, one of the following must be proven:

  • The will was not signed according to Texas state laws
  • The deceased lacked the capacity to sign and validate the will
  • The deceased was unduly influenced into signing the will
  • The will is fraudulent

If the will is determined to be invalid by the court, portions of or the entire will can be discarded. We can help investigate the matter to understand your specific needs and concerns to take swift action and protect your interests.

Take Immediate Action Today

Probate disputes can be time-consuming and the Law Office of Ramon Garcia can help you balance the risk versus the reward because disputing an estate is a gamble. If you believe that the will of a loved one may be invalid, you must take immediate action before the statute of limitations expires. We are candid and upfront with clients regarding their best options. We encourage you to consider pursuing or avoiding litigation, depending on the circumstances of each case and what may be warranted. In focusing on your best interests, we will never advise you to pursue strategies that are potentially damaging or wasteful.

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