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A construction defect occurs when a home or building is not completed up to code, or the final condition does not meet its intended function. When you hire a construction firm, you rely on their experience and expertise to perform the job according to safety standards and industry regulations, but there is nothing to guarantee they will hold themselves to those standards. The end result is often you, the consumer or customer, losing significant finances by being stuck with a largely-unusable piece of property.

Has a defect in a new construction or remodel resulted in financial problems and legal difficulties for you? Hold your contractor and other parties responsible for an unacceptable job. Construction defect cases are complex, but the Law Offices of Ramon Garcia, P.C. and our McAllen construction defect lawyers have the extensive experience with commercial litigation you need to find justice, compensation, and peace of mind. When your property has been completed unsatisfactorily, stand up for your rights with our legal representation today.

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Build a Case with the Law Offices of Ramon Garcia

After your property has been built in a way that is not up-to-code, it is time to build a sturdy construction defect claim with our commercial litigation attorneys in McAllen. Construction defects that result in your or your business losing valuable time and money should not be left standing. You deserve a construction job of 5-star quality, like the one you expected when you paid the construction firm that did not deliver. We have the knowledge, experience, and sense of urgency to handle a range of construction defect cases and the problems that cause them.

Examples of construction defects that can call for litigation include:

  • Design defects
  • Drainage issues
  • Faulty electrical wiring
  • Flooding
  • Foundation cracks
  • Leaks from windows or the roof
  • Low-quality building materials
  • Mold
  • Uneven foundation

Rectification for Defects in Construction

Filing a construction defect claim effectively accuses a construction company of breaching contract. This is a serious legal accusation, and it is not one either party should take lightly. As such, there might be a clause in the contract agreement you signed that allows the construction firm to try to rectify the situation before you can actually file a claim for compensation against them. For example, it is not uncommon for a construction firm to be given a six months to one year to complete reconstruction efforts or repairs after you identify a legitimate construction defect.

Our McAllen construction defect lawyers can help you review your contract for any such reparation clauses. If there is one, then we can prepare your communications with the construction firm demanding they take action. If or when they refuse to correct the error, you will have us by your side already to prepare for litigation.

McAllen’s First Name in Construction Defect Litigation

Taking quick action is important when there is evidence of a construction defect in your home or business. We provide the legal representation you need to recover financial compensation and get necessary repairs or reworks to your property. Our McAllen construction defect attorneys have the aggressive techniques and advanced knowledge required for a successful construction defect case against any sized opposition, including nationwide construction firms.

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